Hygroscopic Cervical Dilators



DILAPAN-S® is an osmotic cervical dilator used in obstetrics and gynecology.

Sufficiently prepared birth canal is an important prerequisite for a successful vaginal delivery, cervical dilation precedes many instrumentations of the uterine cavity, it enables easier embryo transfer during assisted reproduction and facilitates insertion or removal of intrauterine device.


    • ◊ Before the insertion, moisten DILAPAN-S® with sterile water or saline to lubricate the surface. After the fixation of the cervix in speculum and visualisation of cervical canal, holding the cervix with tenaculum may facilitate an easier introduction of the dilator.
  • ◊ Grasp DILAPAN-S® by the handle. Gradually and without undue force insert DILAPAN-S® until it passes through external and internal os.
  • Do not insert DILAPAN-S® further than up to the handle. The edge of the handle must remain in front of the external os.
  • ◊ If inserting multiple DILAPAN-S® rods, repeat the above steps for every piece used.
  • ◊ Do not leave DILAPAN-S® in place for more than 24 hours.
  • ◊ During the removal hold the handle with the forceps and pull down in the direction of longitudinal axes of the dilator and the cervix. Do not twist the dilator and do not use the marker string to pull it out.
  • ◊ If more pieces were introduced, more resistance can be experienced from the surrounding tissues.
  • Please, read the detailed instructions on how to apply DILAPAN-S® in the information leaflet.



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